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Welcome to The Music Recyclery – where you’ll find hundreds of thousands of items in stock, and new merchandise is added daily. Browse around a bit, you won’t be disappointed in our prices or our selection. In the Chicago area? Check out our new store in the city at 856 W. Belmont! Remember to enter our monthly contest – win $100 worth of music, movies, games and more. Come back often, you can enter once every day!

SELL YOUR CDs WE BUY CDs, GAMES, and more. See our SELL page for more information. We even buy scratched CDs, Playstation Games and DVDs!....We really want to buy your CDs, Video Games, Movies and Cassettes. We will even pay your shipping cost! divider.gif (136 bytes)

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We also sell Video Games
and Movies.
Flags, Stickers, and T-Shirts too!

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Do you have any scratched CDs?  
            Scratched Playstation or Dreamcast games? 
                         Scratched DVDs?

Let The Music Recyclery make them as good as new with our repair service offered successfully in our stores for the last year, we’re bringing it to the internet for all of you who can’t just drop in.  We use a powerful resurfacing machine to eliminate almost all scratches to CD media, making them as good as new.  Repairing that disc that skips is less expensive than replacing it and sometimes replacing it isn’t even an option if the disc is out of print or hard to find! 

To Repair Form


 We charge $3.00 to repair a normal music CD, $5.00 for a DVD or Playstation/Dreamcast game, and $10.00 for a double-sided DVD.  

Not all discs can be repaired!  If the disc is scratched so you can see through the disc, we will not be able to fix it. Sometimes the problem is in the disc itself.  You will only be charged repair costs for the discs we are able to fix.   If you want us to ship the unrepaired disc back to you, we can -- be sure to check the box on the form that tells us this.  You will be charged shipping and handling on all discs sent back to you, repaired or otherwise.

 Here’s the way it works - get together the items you want repaired.  Click over to our Repair Form and fill it out completely.  Hit submit and you will get a version of the form you can print out.  Read the disclaimer at the bottom, sign it, and enclose the form with the discs you send us.  This is important!  If we receive discs without a signed form, we will be unable to repair them until we get one from you.  After printing out the form, follow the link to arrange payment.

 Repairs generally take 7-10 days.  After they are done, you will receive an email detailing the status of your discs and the total charged to you which may be different than the initial quote if some discs were unrepairable.  If you plan on paying with a check or money order, it is a good idea to wait for this email to confirm the amount before sending payment.

To Repair Form

We buy and sell used cds, games, movies, dvds, CDS, tapes, nintendo 64, playstation, sega dreamcast, video games  We buy and sell used cds, games, movies, dvds, CDS, tapes, nintendo 64, playstation, sega dreamcast, video games              WB01518_.gif (392 bytes)    WB01518_.gif (392 bytes)                           


used cds, games, movies, dvds, CDS, tapes, nintendo 64, playstation, sega dreamcast, video games


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